We strive for personal and collaborative improvement. We learn from each other and unite as a community.

We respect ourselves, others and our environment.

We flourish by enhancing our strengths and valuing the strengths of others.

We strive for personal and collaborative improvement. We learn from each other and unite as a community.

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Surf Coast Secondary College was brought about by the demand for quality education in one of the country’s fastest growing regions.

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Erin Principal

Opened in 2012 Surf Coast Secondary College is committed to ensuring that every student is challenged, motivated and engaged in their learning and feels that they belong in their school community.

The most common facets of our school that visitors comment on when they participate in a school tour or visit is the welcoming and vibrant atmosphere that flows freely in every corner of the school. This atmosphere does not just happen, it is an aspect of our school that every staff member works hard to ensure is present in everything they do and it stems from our values of Strive, Unite, Respect and Flourish.

At Surf Coast Secondary College we aim to provide a supportive and caring environment that takes into account the different needs of each student. Our teaching is focused on providing students with meaningful learning experiences that are catered to each student’s current level of learning. Our focus is on students growing as learners and always continually furthering their knowledge and skills.

Our dynamic curriculum, combined with state-of-the-art facilities and outstanding teachers, provides all students with a well-rounded education as well as the skills to set them up for life in the 21st Century.

Erin Wright

Our key priority is ensuring that we provide each student with the best education available, honing in on the focus of each individual’s post-secondary endeavours.

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